The Courtyard, Dee Why RSL

Dee Why , Sydney

‘The Courtyard’ is an internal hospitality garden, a gathering and hosting space. The space is inward facing with two central courtyards generating light and air. There is beautiful sense of looking out to a garden from most of the intimate lounging spaces around it. From Mexico City, Chicago, New York to Dee Why, our team travelled the world to understand how to best create a vibrant internal hospitality space when the building envelop is limited. A requirement of the brief the central trees visible through the central structural brick arches, a key design feature for the area. There are two distinct areas to the courtyard bar; the cocktail lounge and the central bar. The design character is casual with a little frivolity, but is the result of meticulous planning, guidance and craftsmanship. An area for fine wine and shared plates, to gourmet pizzas and craft beers in an elevated experience.

Project Overview