Flame, Dee Why RSL

Dee Why , Sydney

2022 Eat Drink Awards - Finalist For Best Restaurant Design 2022 - Australia 


'Flame', Established 15 years prior, this ambitious steak restaurant has been completely reimaged. As a part of a larger redevelopment project at Dee Why RSL Club, we revolutionized how we view clubs. Rich dark timber has been sculpted into reoccurring curved arches and forms throughout the space. High ceilings have been reduced tempering natural lighting whilst introducing diffused ambience. Custom joinery has been fashioned throughout this ambitious hospitality venue. Including custom banquet seating, wall and ceiling treatments. And a large Tiberia stone kitchen and bar counter top.

'Flame' at Dee Why RSL has been shortlisted for the 2022 Eat Drink Awards - Best Restaurant Design. These awards support innovation and excellence in the design of hospitality venues throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Project Overview