District 8 Cabra-Vale Diggers Club

Canley Vale , Sydney

District 8 is a 2000 sqm South East Asian fusion food precinct located within the Cabra-Vale Diggers Club. This exciting project has been featured on the popular TV show, My Kitchen Rules. The design inspiration for the project was based on the atmosphere of an Asian street food district. Capturing the layered experience through clever design, tactile materials and social space planning.

I think that Australia has the best Asian food in the world and I mean that quite seriously. District 8 could only happen here at Cabra-Vale Diggers because of the unique demographic here. I think the food you can eat in clubs is a very clear representation of Australian culture, and when you see how multicultural Canley Vale is, it's really lovely to see this reflected in the face and the soul of Cabra-Vale Diggers. For it to be done with such incredible quality, where no expense is spared, is a real credit to where both Cabra-Vale Diggers, and Western Sydney, are heading.

Adam Liaw - Celebrity Chef
Project Overview