Canterbury League Club

Belmore, Sydney

Canterbury League Club is all about escapism and responding directly to the needs of the community. We fully tailored our design approach to meet the clients brief and budget. The outcome is a hugely successful project, emanating an exotic resort aesthetic, whilst introducing sophisticated and exciting new contemporary venues to attract a much wider demographic. The build includes a new copper façade that offers a canvas for a nightly LED lightshow that is fully programmable and controlled by the club. A new 350 seat ‘Bakehouse Café’ offers refreshment 24hours daily in an art-nouveau styled café. This venue includes a bustling café, a relaxed and intimate lounging area, and a transitional workspace with plug-ins for small business meetings. Altis has completely renovated the existing bistro to increase the seating capacity to 660. New five levels of underground carpark, and a basement level of loading docks and kitchens. Above all of this the external gardens have been reinstated and a new frameless glass lift lobby rises out of the cascading water feature. Level 1 sees a full gaming refurbishment and extension that has allowed the club to consolidate gaming in one area. The entire project is meticulously detailed, skilfully designed and intelligently delivered, and a project that Altis is incredibly proud of.

Altis have worked with Canterbury League Club for over 20 years, helping to build a club like no other. Their visual inspirations are unique, design development informed with experience and collaborative approach to the process produces results which meet the market every time. I would not hesitate to recommend Altis as the principal design partner for any Club.

Jonathon Brain – COO Canterbury League Club
Project Overview