‘I have seen the future and it is fabulous’…that’s the reaction of journalist and former rugby player Peter FitzSimons in a recent opinion piece he wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald on the transformation of the Camperdown Bowling Club into Camperdown Commons.

According to FitzSimons: ‘Last year, see, the supremely wise Inner West Council pioneered a program whereby what was the bowling greens has become a community farming project and what was the clubhouse is now a swish restaurant called Acre, using organic food grown in that very garden, promoting sustainable living. Wouldn’t that be a fabulous model for abandoned bowling greens across the country?’

We agree! The photos below show the transformation of the club – before and after.

We’re proud to say this is a project we worked on closely with Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club and it’s been fantastic to see the transformation of this site, and the complete support and engagement from the surrounding community.