An Exciting New Destination

The Marsden Brewhouse is an exciting new venue showcasing the contemporary direction for boutique pubs. A welcome addition to the rapidly growing Greater Western Sydney area, its design shifts the focus of a traditional pub from a drinking destination to a mixed-use venue with a multitude of activities and offerings for the community. An open marketplace pavilion welcomes guests with a relaxed family atmosphere and a children’s playground for lazy family days. Sports fans will enjoy the sports viewing area and the giant outdoor screen. The alfresco sports area spills out onto a spacious southern deck for large groups, while more private cabanas overlook  the adjacent parkland. A sophisticated cafe and lounge area is located in a separate southern pavilion. Linking these diverse spaces together is a central bar, while
an elegant private dining area overlooks the flagship
piece of the building:


Offering six types of craft beers developed with the local community in mind.

The spaces were designed around the concept of a typical village town, including a marketplace, saloon, tavern parlour and piazza. Each space has a thoughtful design narrative which informed its functionality and aesthetic.

Overall this fun and contemporary hospitality venue aims to provide a community hub for its diverse patrons through thoughtfully designed spaces that cater to large groups, private
gatherings and families.