A contemporary cafe with a touch of French Nouveau

 A chic urban haven in the heart of Canterbury. This bistro styled cafe fuses french, decorative and natural finishes with sophisticated detailing to create a space that you want to come back to. A 24-hour hub in the centre of Canterbury League Club, the Bakehouse includes a bustling café, a relaxed and intimate lounging area, and a transitional workspace with plug-ins for small business meetings. This is all possible through intelligent design by connecting spaces cohesively and effortlessly whilst resolving site constraints.


The Bakehouse, located on a major circulation axis was cleverly designed to introduce visual and physical connectivity between spaces which previously did not exist. In doing so it has become a much loved focal point of the entire site, an area to mingle, work, meet and unwind.

A new community social space

Drawing new business from the local community this bustling venue offers multi-functional capability which is all part of encouraging maximum usage and smart design. With cafe spaces becoming the new multi-use meeting point we developed a highly sophisticated and engaging environment to enjoy.

A contemporary bistro styled cafe with influences from the French Nouveau era. Rustic and ornate finishes, with beautiful and sleek detailing.