A Competition Winner

We are happy to share with you the opening of the newly constructed Strathfield Golf Club. This highly sculptural building was born from the concept of forms experienced in the game of golf. The curvature of the rolling greens, the undulating edges of the sand bunkers and the elliptical shape of the ‘driver’ golf club. The later was particularly drawn upon as influence for the building form itself resembling the shape of three driver heads. Moreover, the repetition of the form three times is reminiscent of the swing motion applied in golf when taking a long range shot with the driver itself.


As golf is very much a game of connection to the course and surroundings, we ensured that the building maintains a strong sense of connectivity to the course itself. The importance of this lead to the complete modification of the golf course, so that key moments in the game could be enjoyed by patrons in the clubhouse.

The ground floor accommodates all the social activities of the Club within three ‘pavilions’, each having panoramic views over the golf course. The curved forms of these pavilions are connected by interstitial public areas which have framed vistas over particular parts of the course. The architectural form creates drama and excitement within the space by the clever juxtaposition of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ spaces forming a dynamic backdrop for the interior experience. The combined area of the Golf Club and function centre is approximately 5,300sq.m with a capacity designed for 300 guests. A ‘mini-pavilion’ outside the functions area creates a gazebo for wedding photos and the like. It could also be the setting for a small musical ensemble at an outdoor function. The lower ground floor houses the sporting aspects of the Club, together with centralised catering facilities, loading dock and car parking. This level also includes the greenkeeper’s shed and associated staff facilities.


The building process has taken 3 years since Altis Architecture won the design competition to produce this incredible building.The feedback from the members and patrons alike so far has been incredibly positive and we look forward to its future use and enjoyment by the community.