Bankstown RSL Club has just undergone a massive transformation

This club has been a significant part of the Bankstown community and a portion of Sydney’s heritage since 1928. Years of planning, good design and careful collaboration with key members of the club has meant that Altis Architecture has been able to contribute something of real value to the community.


Altis have created a new vibrant hub, this dynamic build now draws in the public where families and friends can interact with the new spaces and enjoy the facilities. Part of the focal points within the new Bankstown RSL Club are engaging open spaces, function and conference facilities, lounge areas, buffet restaurant and multiple dining options, including a new café fronting Marion St. Each of the 5 dining outlets are completely individualised and unique through well-informed design. The interior materiality has been intuitively considered to encourage an engaging ambience, using natural stone, crafted tile, modern furniture pieces, bespoke lighting and carpet design.

A new vast glass-walled atrium space, ‘the void’ welcomes guests to the iconic club whilst the well planned open spaces generate connectivity and visual orientation. New expanded and upgraded gaming facilities have been implemented successfully into the build.

On its corner site, Bankstown RSL Club now has incredible presence, with its architecturally designed metallic finned façade and elegant glass walling behind. This new modern piece of Architecture has been future-proofed through timeless design and facilities, capacity for a 6 story hotel above the club has also been designed into the scheme. Ultimately, Bankstown RSL Club is set to be an iconic space that people will continue to want to come back to.