In Construction – Strathfield Golf Course 2 Years in 2 Minutes

By December 14, 2018April 5th, 2019Just completed

The recently completed Strathfield Golf Club from Construction to Completion – 2 Years In 2 Minutes

This time lapse footage captures the entire construction process from above. The exciting development started in November 2016 and was completed this year in November 2018. The result, a sculptural building resembling the head of a driver golf club and mimicking the motion of a typical golf swing, which is represented in the three reoccurring pavilions. This successful project has been 3 years in motion since its original inception when Altis Architecture won the competition for its design.

The Completed Club

This drone footage of the completed Strathfield Golf Club provides a bird’s eye view of the building form and the surrounding site. The idea was to assimilate the structure in the landscape and maximise outlook onto key zones of the golf course.