Bringing the outside in

Sitting in the courtyard of the Firestone restaurant, you’d never guess you were inside a club in the urban surrounds of Sydney’s suburb of Revesby. The restaurant is part of an $8.5M revitalisation of the club’s dining options and the creation of a new dining precinct to appeal to the broader community.

The board and management of Revesby Workers Club recognised the need to create new food options within the club. The challenge was that the club building’s shell was introverted and had no green aspect or outlook.

Working with the club’s key teams we developed the concepts and designs for a distinct village dining precinct within the club. The aim was to appeal to a broad range of patrons, offering a range of dining venues and to also include an alfresco garden area as a way of bringing the outside in.

The proof is in the patrons

A visit to the club will quickly prove just how successful this revitalisation has been. With three unique restaurants, each with their own style: Aunty Eights Vietnamese, Firestone kitchen and bar and the more upmarket Bel Cibo Italian restaurant there is a wide variety of options for the club community that weren’t available locally before.

Club patrons can now spend time enjoying exciting and delicious food and beverage options, whilst feeling as though it was their own home. The new dining precinct has resulted in a significant increase in food and beverage patrons within the club which has a flow on effect to all other aspects of the club’s offerings including functions, gaming, gym, childcare and retail.

A visit to this club will quickly prove just how successful this revitalisation has been.