Drawing inspiration from the home

Made by the Hill draws its inspiration from the home.

The brief by our client, Rooty Hill RSL, was to provide a new cocktail and sports bar that would appeal to both traditional club patrons, and a younger demographic alike.

Working with such a large space, our designs sought to break that down into smaller, more intimate pockets, bringing the space to a more human scale through the use of joinery and furniture. In order to appeal to a broad demographic, we also chose a neutral palette to accommodate a number of different offers, brands and clientele.

The results speak for themselves

Our objective was to create a place that felt warm, inviting and comfortable. A place that felt like an extension of the home, and a place to sit with friends and family to have a drink, a coffee or a bite to eat. In the design of a social space, the seating areas themselves are just as important as the food outlets or other offerings. In order to ensure broad appeal, Made by the Hill offers are a range of options for patrons when they enter the space, not only in terms of outlets and product, but also in different ways to enjoy them, through high bar seating, dining and lounge styles – whether you want to be in and out in 15 mins, or stay a while.

The space also features a unique ‘wave’ ceiling, which not only gives a sense of movement through the space and also does a lot of work acoustically.

The results speak for themselves, with bar sales tripling within only a few months of the space opening.

Bar sales have tripled within

only a few months of opening.








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